CEO Peer Groups

CEO Partners operates two distinct types of peer groups: industry diverse groups for companies based in central Indiana; and industry specific but geographically diverse groups for owners of the same franchise. The formats for both groups, Diverse Group Format and Industry Specific Group Format, share common characteristics and all members must be committed to:

  • Growth in Value
  • Growth in Profitability
  • Growth in the Member’s ability to manage the company
  • Growth in the skills and contributions of key associates

Member Expectations

CEO Business coaching for Indianapolis Indiana by CEO PartnersMembers are challenged on their approaches to solving critical issues in their organizations. The groups exist to provide frank, candid and uncomfortable feedback. Membership in a group is not a social experience, and is not a networking opportunity for new business. It exposes members to different perspectives and requires a willingness to be held accountable for developing and implementing solutions for opportunities and problems. Topics discussed in meetings can be generic to all businesses or specific to only one. Confidentiality is expected from every member and allows sensitive concerns to be discussed.

CEO Peer Groups: Diverse Group Format

Partner Group Meetings

Each quarter, group members (4 to 5 people per group) meet in a day-long executive session. The small group format allows each member to be spotlighted at every meeting.

Meeting agendas vary but will typically include:

  • Presentation of Financial Results: Quarterly, Year-to-date, and Rolling twelve month performance.
  • Detailed update on the company’s strategic plan, critical issues and goals/objectives.
  • Facilitated issue discussion covering topics brought to the group by its members.
  • Review commitments from the last meeting and define what will be accomplished by the next meeting.
  • Periodically, articles are distributed and discussions take place regarding how the concepts presented can be applied at the members’ companies.

Individual 1-to-1 Sessions

Monthly, the group facilitator, David Clegg, conducts a two-hour coaching/consulting meeting at the member’s place of business. In addition, Clegg is available “on-call” for phone conversations or special meetings as needed. The purposes of these sessions are as follows:

  • Hold members accountable for their goals and the completion of their outstanding action plans.
  • Uncover current issues facing the business and discussing alternative solutions. If warranted help the member frame the issue for presentation at the next group meeting.
  • Focus the business owner on devoting time to the highest impact activities. Make sure the important is addressed as opposed to the urgent.
  • Make the business owner uncomfortable in order to generate action.
  • Provide support and an outlet for the owner’s frustrations.

What types of businesses belong?

Service, manufacturing, technology, sales and distribution businesses belong to CEO Partners. Groups are organized to reflect the stage of development for each business. For example, members who are driving growth will be group with like-minded members. Members who are considering a business transition will also be grouped similarly. Revenues run from $2,000,000 to $20,000,000 with ten to one hundred employees. The group is kept intentionally diverse to stimulate various perspectives. Group members cannot be direct competitors, and no major supplier relationships are allowed between members.

What is the cost of membership?

Cost can be defined in terms of money and time. The biggest cost is your commitment of time, both by participating in the quarterly group meetings and the monthly 1-to-1 sessions.

The monetary cost is based on a quarterly fee. We will be happy to discuss this fee and the enrollment cost with you in person. Our costs are structured to encourage serious-minded participation from our members.

Why should I spend my time and money to belong?

If everything is going well in your company and you are completely happy with where you are as a business owner then CEO Partners is probably not for you. But as one of our members has said, “I don’t get too excited when things are going well, or too depressed when they aren’t because I know it will change for the worse or the better. It’s making sure I don’t screw things up along the way that’s most important.”

CEO Partners is most effective for those owners/presidents comfortable with the concept that “they don’ know all the answers.” In fact CEO Partners is really for those individuals who acknowledge that “they don’t know all the questions.”

If you need to be challenged, made to feel uncomfortable, and be held accountable for results, then CEO Partners could be worth your time and money.

How do I become a member?

Every business owner is not a good candidate for membership. The group dynamic and the cultural fit must be considered each time a new prospect is interested in becoming a member. For that reason prospective members undergo a two hour selection interview with Dave Clegg. The interview is intended to explore the prospect’s level of interest, their commitment, their knowledge and their need. CEO Partners accepts individuals who are serious about seeking help and in giving it.

Industry specific CEO peer groups by CEO Partners

These groups are comprised of four to six members from the same industry; generally franchisees in the same franchise. Typically, they are high performing operators looking to get better by associating with others who are successful. They come from different geographic locations and are not competing with each other. They share best practices and they work on issues facing all business owners.

Because of geographic diversity full-day meetings are held three or four times per year in a convenient location easily accessible to all members.

The impetus for the formation of these groups comes from a few key franchisees. They have been to regional and national meetings with other franchisees and they see other owners they could learn from. They want a more formal relationship with their owner peers, one that isn’t directed by the franchisor. They also realize an experienced facilitator is critical to get the most out of the experience.

CEO Partners is responsible for scheduling the meetings, securing the location, developing the agenda, running the meetings and publishing the minutes for each session. This enables the participants to spend their time focused on issues related to building and growing their companies.

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