CEO Consulting Owner’s Bio

business coach David Clegg Indianapolis Indiana by CEO PartnersDavid Clegg, president of the Carlisle Group Inc., and Director of the CEO Partners program, has a highly diversified background as a business owner and manager; a not-for-profit executive; a commercial banker; and a consultant to entrepreneurial/owner-managed businesses.

The Carlisle Group Inc. is a consulting firm providing business & strategic planning, business management, business transition, and financing assistance to privately held companies. Carlisle targets companies with annual revenues ranging from $1 million to $30 million.

Clegg has facilitated the CEO Partners program in central Indiana since 1996. He has served as a business coach/mentor to scores of Indiana companies since founding Carlisle Group Inc in 1991.

Clegg has a long history of presenting programs and seminars on numerous business topics and has conducted hundreds of training sessions during his career for business owners and executives. A partial list includes continuing education courses for Robert Morris Associates, the Indiana CPA Society, the Illinois CPA Society, and the Indianapolis Bar Association. In addition he was a founder of the Indiana Business Plan Forum; a certified instructor for the ProfitAbility┬« family of business simulations; and Premier FastTrac II, an eleven-week/eleven session business planning program. From 2006-2008 Clegg participated as a facilitator for London Business School’s Leadership Programme designed for senior executives of Nestle.

Clegg previously served on the Loan Committee and Board of Directors (Past Board Chairman) of Premier Capital Corporation in Indianapolis; and on the Entrepreneurship Advisory Board of the Small Business Management/Entrepreneurship Program at Ball State University.

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