Business consulting for Indianapolis Indiana by CEO PartnersSpecific in-depth support is often required from CEO Partners’ coaching clients and from non-affiliated business owners and executives. These projects are transactional and typically cover the following areas.

  • Strategic Planning
  • Business Planning
  • Business Succession

Strategic Planning

Businesses of all size, including functional areas in large companies, can benefit from periodic planning sessions to help focus the company’s resources and efforts. Planning isn’t fun or easy but can be the difference in remaining a successful and viable company in a rapidly changing environment.

CEO Partners believes the best method to develop a Strategic Plan is to use a facilitator to drive the process. This allows the business owner or executive to participate in the process, not lead it. It prevents the owner or executive from dominating the planning effort and enables them to contribute as a peer without stifling input from other key members of the planning team.

CEO Partners uses a defined process that includes pre-planning meeting homework for all participants (and/or interviews). Structured meeting agendas are established typically covering the current situation and the desired future. During the meeting sessions priority goals and objectives are established, and specific action steps (strategies and tactics) are defined with timetables and responsibilities assigned. A follow up process is outlined for tracking progress to ensure the planning meeting produces tangible results.

Business Planning

Business plans cover specific timeframes and outline detailed action steps and financial expectations. They are often associated with building support for external or internal financing, and provide justification for the commitment of external or internal resources.

CEO Partners provides assistance in crafting the plan narrative and the supporting financial projections. Using a unique forecasting tool, Up Your Cash Flow™, numerous iterations of the business plan can be developed to refine the financial requirements and support the financing request.

Succession Planning

Transitioning out of a business is a complex and challenging process. Transferring the business to family members or an employee group, developing and implementing a sale strategy, and managing the emotional turmoil associated with the process is a path each business owner will ultimately walk. This is often the most difficult aspect associated with business ownership.

CEO Partners provides assistance in designing the exit strategy and helping business owners execute the strategy.