Business Coaching

business coaching for CEO's in Indiana by CEO PartnersOwning and managing a business can be a lonely endeavor, while a peer group provides an excellent environment for feedback, advice, and support not every business owner is comfortable in a group environment. However, meeting on a regularly scheduled basis with someone who understands their company provides substantial benefits.

David Clegg has over thirty years experience working with business owners helping them address a wide range of issues and concerns. Coaching clients meet each month with Clegg for two hours, and have access to him for phone conversations and additional meetings as required.

Business Coaching: What’s Included?

Typical meetings include a review of financial performance; progress in achieving stated objectives; new challenges encountered; revising and setting goals; and developing strategies and tactics. In addition, it is not unusual for Clegg to attend management team sessions and to facilitate meetings when the business owner prefers to participate as a management team member, not as its leader.

The Purpose

The purpose of business coaching is to provide the ownership with an external viewpoint allowing a more thorough evaluation of big picture issues confronting the company. It also provides the owner with a sounding board and safe haven to discuss day-to-day operating decisions that must be made. Having a specific time set aside for coaching each month helps business owners insure critical issues don’t fall through the cracks. It also acts as an “accountability trap” requiring the business owner to be prepared!

Business coaching clients of CEO Partners have remarked there is great value in having someone providing support while at the same time making them feel uncomfortable by asking the tough questions.
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