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Owning and managing a business is like completing a puzzle. Both have multiple pieces and figuring out how they fit together is the key to success. In today’s business environment it takes a mastery of various components including sales, marketing, financing, accounting, hiring, firing, social media usage, information technology, intellectual property, etc. Many business owners admit “it’s not knowing what they don’t know” that causes them the biggest problems.

Been there, done that?

It is not unusual for business owners to build their companies without external assistance except for legal and accounting support. Consciously or unconsciously they don’t seek out the knowledge, experience and perspectives of others who have been there, done that! The image of the driven and lonely American entrepreneur succeeding against the odds through their determination is iconic. There is nothing wrong with this approach. It just isn’t as efficient or effective as having access to critical insights and advice.

Do it better!

CEO Partners exists to fill in the missing pieces of the puzzle for successful business owners. Our mission is “Helping CEOS and Presidents of owner-managed companies improve personal and organizational effectiveness.” Simply stated, CEO Partners exists to assist business owners in doing a better job!

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